Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ellie goulding ftw

I have found my new favorite singer in Ellie Goulding. I honestly can't get enough of her music. I have her music on constantly: when I am in front of the computer, in my car, and I even sing it in the shower. I just can't stop! And to think, it's all because she peaked my curiosity by seeing her face all over Nylon magazine and on iTunes. I am so happy I clicked on the little 90 second clip of her song "Lights" on iTunes, because it was the best $9.99 I have spent in a long time.

My favorite of all of her songs is "Starry Eyed", which can be heard on repeat by anyone who dare enter my car. Something about the song makes me want to do the cute little dance she does in the video. It's so bad, I even purchased little black oxford shoes because she looks so cool wearing them, I HAD to have a pair myself. Check out the video for yourself.

My other current favorite is her cover of "Your Song". It reminds me of someone very special to me. And when I hear this song, I think of him. Her version is absolutely beautiful and brings me to tears...because it's how I feel. Enjoy it here.

You can purchase her album on iTunes now! And I do recommend it!!!

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