Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nightwish "bye bye beautiful"= cool video

I am discovering new music courtesy of Pandora. I have the app on my iPhone. But lately, I have been on the site everyday listening to new music, and I am liking what I hear! I found a cool band called Nightwish. They are kind of gothy/metal. Almost like an Evanescence, for those who want something pop to compare to. Well as I was on YouTube looking for the video to their song "Amaranth" for my facebook SOTD, I came across the video for the song "Bye Bye Beautiful". I have decided that I really like it. Its kinda cool how it switches from being an all girl band, then back to the original guy members when they guy comes in with his vox part. You'll see. Enjoy.

clueless= the story of my life

After a long day of work, I decided to wind my day down with a few diet cokes and the "Clueless" dvd. I have loved this movie ever since the first time that I saw it back in the 90's when I was in single digit ages.I have always been a lover of fashion. I even remember that I wanted to be Cher in the worst way. I had this video game of Clueless that was just like at the beginning of the movie when she is picking out her clothes to wear. I had the barbies too. And I even had (and still have) the majority of all the lines in the movie memorized.

While watching the movie today, I remembered a few lines that cracked me up before, but especially did today...

"Leave me alone!...Hey, where are you going?!" -when Cher and Elton are leaving the party and he tries to hook up with her.

"Boy, getting off the freeway makes you realize how important love is"- when Cher, Dionne, and Murray are in the car driving.

The weird part is that I never before picked up on things like her topics when she was in debate class, and some of the other big words she uses, which now, after earning my bachelors degree, I know understand.

Next time you watch this epic 90's movie, pay attention to some of the things that happen. You will be surprised.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sugarpill cosmetics= eyeshadow lurrrve

Sooo, I was watching one of my favorite makeup bloggers on youtube, Petrilude, and he revealed a new makeup company that's out there, Sugarpill cosmetics! So immediately, being the shopaholic that I am, had to buy buy buy! Well, I only bought one thing, but it was well worth it. I was in the market for a yellow eyeshadow, and came across the "burning heart" pressed eyeshadow palette. $34 for 4 colors is a really great deal, and it came pretty fast in the mail.

The shadows are highly pigmented and beautiful! I love the way that they look on my super pale skin. And with Urban Decay's primer potion on my lids beforehand, the colors pop even more. I recommend this company for anyone who wants vibrant shadows, and wants to support a company that is getting its start. Check out SUGARPILL.NET

Dsquared2 and Bill Kaulitz = drool

As I was watching a TiVod concert of Tokio Hotel from the HD channel Palladia, I decided to look up on Wikipedia to see if Bill Kaulitz was in fact gay. Dont get me wrong, I love Bill, Tokio Hotel, and gays. And if he were gay, I would love him even more than I already do. He is not gay, btw. Anyways, this is getting off topic. So I was on wikipedia and found out that Bill was the opening and closing model from the Dsquared2 menswear Fall/Winter 2010 collection show! I flipped out and looked at the photos to see his modeling. Can you say amazing!?!

I have a secret obsession and desire to look like Bill Kaulitz. Yeah, I may be a weirdo, but at least I will be the first to admit it. Anyway, you can see more photos from the Dsquared2 collection here:

(the photo used in this blog comes from I take NO credit for it.)


So I have decided that I will have a public blog for all to see. This blog will include features like:

- thoughts on runway shows, award show fashion, and other fashion related events
- "so you wanna be...", a celeb look-a-like guide
- vinny pic of the day, featuring my cute chocolate lab
- thoughts and opinions on television shows that i watch, including project runway, lost, the amazing race, 16 and pregnant, and more
- thoughts and opinions on movies
- concert reviews, pictures, and videos
- sim family of the week (i am a dedicated sims2 player)
- and anything else i feel like putting on here!

This is a way for me to show the world my thoughts, feelings, and things that I love. If you read it, that's awesome. If not, then it will be for me.

Enjoy the inner thoughts and opinions of gleamo girl.

x. joelle