Wednesday, April 25, 2012

i want a kitten

I always thought that I would be getting a puppy at this stage in my life. I love all dogs. Especially pugs and Boston terriers. But I just don't have time for them. So the idea of a kitten has become a little more realistic. At first I was going to be picky about it, and only wanted a Himalayan or Siamese cat. But now after seeing all these little babies that are born and cant be taken care of, my heart doesn't really care. So I am thinking that I will probably have it Mid-May. If it's a boy, it'll be named Peeta. If it's a girl, it'll be named either Rue or Effie. Yes, keeping it in the Hunger Games name family. I also like Glimmer as a possibility. I guess we will see. xoxo gleamogirljoelle

Sunday, April 22, 2012

a HUGE idol fail

(photo belongs to USweekly) Much to my horror, America made the most ridiculous decision in the history of the show. Even a bigger loss then when Daughtry was kicked off. And even Adam Lambert. The good news? Colton Dixon is such an amazing music artist that he will have guaranteed success. I almost think they did that on purpose to help kickstart his career. After voting 100 times (literally), I thought for sure he would at lease be able to sit back on those couches. But when he got to the 3 stools with Hollie and Elise, I was like, OK, they are just doing this to let him know he needs to step his game up next week. My jaw dropped in shock when he was eliminated. And when he got on his knees, closed his eyes, and sang his heart out to God, tears rolled down my eyes. An amazingly talented Christian man has been taken down. But I think of this as a good thing. He can now stop singing for a TV audience, and continue making music the way he wants to. I am hesitating as to whether or not I want to buy tickets to the Idol tour, just to see him play live. Check out these videos, property of American Idol. xoxo gleamogirljoelle

yes, they're real.

I have had my ups and downs with mascaras. I have tried high end, drugstore, and anything someone will throw at me. I picked this up as an afterthought when I was at Ulta. Best $10 I have ever spent on a mascara. I don't know what it is- the brush? the formula? magic? This stuff is amazing.
The wand is a spikey plastic one and the formula is super black and wet. But it dries really quick, which helps. It builds easily. And I only need 2 coats to give the whole appearance of fake lashes. I haven't worn fake lashes at all since purchasing this mascara. I went and bought a full size tube at Ulta because I don't want to be a day without this stuff! because I never want to be without it! Oh, and the best part? It is crying resistant. Perfect for weddings, funerals, and those dramatic days. You will love it! I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dance Moms Miami

I started watching the original Dance Moms show a month or so ago. And I loved it. But I am utterly HOOKED on Dance Moms Miami. There is something about this show that makes it a little more realistic and relatable. Maybe it is because the moms are all big ladies, and the kids are all so cute. And I love the dance teachers, Angel and Victor.

My favorite dancers on the show are Kimmy and Lucas. Kimmy is this adorable little OCD, Latin girl with a mouth full of braces and a lisp. I just wanna reach through the TV and hug her. And Lucas is this amazingly talented little boy that can bend more than any other human being I have ever seen.

Watching these shows makes me think of my future children, and that hopefully some day I can enroll them in dance, just as I was. I plan on not being a bitchy, fat mother though. I think I have a little more class than that.


getting ready for the beach.

In preparation to go to the beach in 2 weeks, I have started tanning. Now before you go and judge with the whole "skin cancer" and the dangers of tanning, you must know that I only plan on doing this for the month I paid for, then I will go back to using my trusty bronzing lotions and makeup. I am also going to be attending a friend's wedding that my boyfriend happens to be a groomsman in, so I HAVE to look hot! I also haven't seen my man in almost 5 months, so you can imagine my desire to look sunkissed and glowing.

While at the tanning salon, I decided to pick up a lotion. I was almost shocked to see that in 10 years (I haven't gone tanning since highschool), the prices for lotion and the technology alone has changed significantly. Lucky for me, I got 25% off my total because of me being a new "member". I picked up this lotion which actually has caffeine in it, which is supposed to help your body metabolize and tan faster. Who knew?! It smells really good too.

The first time, they never let you go very long in the bed. It's almost like a waste. Oh well. So I went for 8 minutes. I couldn't see a difference in color, but I was assured that within 3 hours I should see results. It has been 1 hour, and I can already tell. Not only that, my arms and back of my legs are tingly, which means color! Yay! There is also something about being in those UV rays that is just so relaxing. It is a break from life's chaos and you can just lay down and bask in it with your headphones on. I also found out that there is a law in Virginia that prohibits you from tanning more than once within exactly 24 hours. Plus they scan your fingerprint now too. It's super high tech.

I am excited to see what I look like after a few more trips in there. Hopefully I will look like a the tan Italian woman I am supposed to be :)


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GDE: april otm

Once again, I scored with the Of The Month from Glamour Doll Eyes. This month, they have included "Control Freak", which is their new eyeshadow primer. And this one is vegan! The amount that is given is a good bit too :) Also, the shadow this month, "Hippy Party Girl", is an incredible bright blue with shimmer! I am so excited to use this color. (It'll have to be on a day I don't work though) Check out this excitement, and be sure to click on the banner link to the right to order OTM!!!

The top is without a primer, and the bottom is with Control Freak. You can see how much of a difference the primer makes under the color. I LOVE it!!!!


shiro cosmetics: tributes collection

When my friend Dani told me about Shiro Cosmetics having a Hunger Games collection, I literally ordered it in like 2 seconds. I finally got it today! So excited! The colors are even better than I thought they would be.

There are 12 colors total...I am assuming it is because there are 12 districts total. (You will notice a 13th color, task force, is NOT part of the collection) A lot of the colors are names that you can pick out from just seeing or reading the first book. But some I think are inspired by the other 2 books in the series. I swatched them on my arms. All colors have Urban Decay primer potion as a base.

mockingjay, baker's boy, remake, cornucopia, girl on fire, and unforgettable

wildflowers, ever in your favor, task force, huntress, star-crossed, beyond the force, rebellion
She also sent me 2 sample size baggies, in the colors: test subject and heaven nor hell

She also sent me a couple of asian candies, and wrapped the shadows in cute tissue paper with a cupcake sticker.

I would definitely order from Shiro Cosmetics again! Go check them out and let them know I sent you :)


Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter

I saw this image online and thought it would be the perfect photo interpretation of this day. Easter has always been one of those throw away holidays for me. I guess because I have faith all year round. I never really liked getting dressed up...mostly because it just stressed me out trying to find something to wear. This year was quite different.
I woke up in my parent's home. Got ready with my own timing. Wore what I wanted without worrying about the judgement of others. When you let go of your insecurities, it makes like so easy. Sounds easier than it is in reality though. Anyway, I just threw on some jeans and a shirt I got from I wore my strappy teal wedges and skinny jeans. Used my "waver" and made my hair wild. I looked pretty awesome.
Attending church is something that I have always though of as stressful, and pretty much boring. I found that once I lived on my own, and took faith as my personal relationship with Jesus, rather than going to church to be a "Christian", I felt more loved and relaxed than ever. It was weird to be in a church that I haven't attended since Christmastime. Have I become part of the C and E crowd?!? Oh geez.
I guess the point I am trying to make is that things have changed so much for me since past Easters. I actually enjoy being a "grown up" and I am embracing change and my faith.

Happy Easter everyone!

I am posting a photo of my sister and I from today. The weather was perfect. am happy.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

i feel pretty

I saw a pretty look on pinterest yesterday, and decided to duplicate it. It was my day off, which means adventures in makeup! This one really wasnt all that crazy. In fact, I could probably get away with wearing it to work. My sister actually asked me if I got a nose job LOL. Less dark makeup I guess makes my nose look narrower? Who knows what she was thinking.

This whole look was creating using all Glamour Doll Eyes shadows.
GDE "Family Secret" (brow highlight and inner corner highlight)
GDE "The Perfect Cure" (crease color)
GDE "Skin of a Killer" (lid)
MAC glitter (I am not sure what the name of it is, but is it white, and I put that over SOAK)
Physicians Formula get liner for blue eyes (black color for top of lid and outer lower)
NYX eyeliner in white (lower water line)
Maybelline Illegal Lengths mascara
Ardell false eyelashes "wispies"
Mac Viva Glam Nicki lipstick

My earrings are from Forever 21.

I am wearing "Pink Friday", the Nicki Minaj for OPI color on my nails. My watch is Michael Kors and my bracelets are also from Forever 21.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

hijack! bust!

I haven't used my Urban Decay Book of Shadows in a while. My friend Dani has been using hers a lot, which has made me want to use mine again. You will notice above my black shirt. I had to work today, so I try to keep things a little more conservative than my off days. So here is what I did:

Not the best picture in the world, but at least you can see the colors.

GDE "Sterling Glitz" (brow highlight and inner corner highlight)
UD "Bust" (in crease)
UD "Hijack" (lid color)
UD 24/7 eyeliner in "Zero" (lower waterline)
Physicians Formula gel cream liner for blue eyes (top liner and lower liner)
Maybelline the Falsies mascara

I also used my LE Wonder Woman mac lipglass in "Emanciaption" for my lips.

I hope you guys like this look!


march 2012 favorites!

So I made this favorites video this morning. I just wanted to share a few new things I have added to my beauty routine each day! Hope you enjoy!!!