Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GDE: april otm

Once again, I scored with the Of The Month from Glamour Doll Eyes. This month, they have included "Control Freak", which is their new eyeshadow primer. And this one is vegan! The amount that is given is a good bit too :) Also, the shadow this month, "Hippy Party Girl", is an incredible bright blue with shimmer! I am so excited to use this color. (It'll have to be on a day I don't work though) Check out this excitement, and be sure to click on the banner link to the right to order OTM!!!

The top is without a primer, and the bottom is with Control Freak. You can see how much of a difference the primer makes under the color. I LOVE it!!!!


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  1. OOOhhh! I STILL need to subscribe to OTM