Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dance Moms Miami

I started watching the original Dance Moms show a month or so ago. And I loved it. But I am utterly HOOKED on Dance Moms Miami. There is something about this show that makes it a little more realistic and relatable. Maybe it is because the moms are all big ladies, and the kids are all so cute. And I love the dance teachers, Angel and Victor.

My favorite dancers on the show are Kimmy and Lucas. Kimmy is this adorable little OCD, Latin girl with a mouth full of braces and a lisp. I just wanna reach through the TV and hug her. And Lucas is this amazingly talented little boy that can bend more than any other human being I have ever seen.

Watching these shows makes me think of my future children, and that hopefully some day I can enroll them in dance, just as I was. I plan on not being a bitchy, fat mother though. I think I have a little more class than that.


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