Wednesday, April 18, 2012

getting ready for the beach.

In preparation to go to the beach in 2 weeks, I have started tanning. Now before you go and judge with the whole "skin cancer" and the dangers of tanning, you must know that I only plan on doing this for the month I paid for, then I will go back to using my trusty bronzing lotions and makeup. I am also going to be attending a friend's wedding that my boyfriend happens to be a groomsman in, so I HAVE to look hot! I also haven't seen my man in almost 5 months, so you can imagine my desire to look sunkissed and glowing.

While at the tanning salon, I decided to pick up a lotion. I was almost shocked to see that in 10 years (I haven't gone tanning since highschool), the prices for lotion and the technology alone has changed significantly. Lucky for me, I got 25% off my total because of me being a new "member". I picked up this lotion which actually has caffeine in it, which is supposed to help your body metabolize and tan faster. Who knew?! It smells really good too.

The first time, they never let you go very long in the bed. It's almost like a waste. Oh well. So I went for 8 minutes. I couldn't see a difference in color, but I was assured that within 3 hours I should see results. It has been 1 hour, and I can already tell. Not only that, my arms and back of my legs are tingly, which means color! Yay! There is also something about being in those UV rays that is just so relaxing. It is a break from life's chaos and you can just lay down and bask in it with your headphones on. I also found out that there is a law in Virginia that prohibits you from tanning more than once within exactly 24 hours. Plus they scan your fingerprint now too. It's super high tech.

I am excited to see what I look like after a few more trips in there. Hopefully I will look like a the tan Italian woman I am supposed to be :)


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  1. I used to fall asleep in the tanning bed. When I worked at the bank in town it was right beside my tanning salon so I would walk over on my lunch break. Got a nice little nap in and tanned at the same time! I love multitasking ;-)