Sunday, April 22, 2012

a HUGE idol fail

(photo belongs to USweekly) Much to my horror, America made the most ridiculous decision in the history of the show. Even a bigger loss then when Daughtry was kicked off. And even Adam Lambert. The good news? Colton Dixon is such an amazing music artist that he will have guaranteed success. I almost think they did that on purpose to help kickstart his career. After voting 100 times (literally), I thought for sure he would at lease be able to sit back on those couches. But when he got to the 3 stools with Hollie and Elise, I was like, OK, they are just doing this to let him know he needs to step his game up next week. My jaw dropped in shock when he was eliminated. And when he got on his knees, closed his eyes, and sang his heart out to God, tears rolled down my eyes. An amazingly talented Christian man has been taken down. But I think of this as a good thing. He can now stop singing for a TV audience, and continue making music the way he wants to. I am hesitating as to whether or not I want to buy tickets to the Idol tour, just to see him play live. Check out these videos, property of American Idol. xoxo gleamogirljoelle

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