Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter

I saw this image online and thought it would be the perfect photo interpretation of this day. Easter has always been one of those throw away holidays for me. I guess because I have faith all year round. I never really liked getting dressed up...mostly because it just stressed me out trying to find something to wear. This year was quite different.
I woke up in my parent's home. Got ready with my own timing. Wore what I wanted without worrying about the judgement of others. When you let go of your insecurities, it makes like so easy. Sounds easier than it is in reality though. Anyway, I just threw on some jeans and a shirt I got from I wore my strappy teal wedges and skinny jeans. Used my "waver" and made my hair wild. I looked pretty awesome.
Attending church is something that I have always though of as stressful, and pretty much boring. I found that once I lived on my own, and took faith as my personal relationship with Jesus, rather than going to church to be a "Christian", I felt more loved and relaxed than ever. It was weird to be in a church that I haven't attended since Christmastime. Have I become part of the C and E crowd?!? Oh geez.
I guess the point I am trying to make is that things have changed so much for me since past Easters. I actually enjoy being a "grown up" and I am embracing change and my faith.

Happy Easter everyone!

I am posting a photo of my sister and I from today. The weather was perfect. am happy.

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  1. Happy Easter!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!