Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So I have decided that I will have a public blog for all to see. This blog will include features like:

- thoughts on runway shows, award show fashion, and other fashion related events
- "so you wanna be...", a celeb look-a-like guide
- vinny pic of the day, featuring my cute chocolate lab
- thoughts and opinions on television shows that i watch, including project runway, lost, the amazing race, 16 and pregnant, and more
- thoughts and opinions on movies
- concert reviews, pictures, and videos
- sim family of the week (i am a dedicated sims2 player)
- and anything else i feel like putting on here!

This is a way for me to show the world my thoughts, feelings, and things that I love. If you read it, that's awesome. If not, then it will be for me.

Enjoy the inner thoughts and opinions of gleamo girl.

x. joelle

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