Friday, September 21, 2012's Britney Bitch! Last night was the latest gLee episode, which happened to be ANOTHER Britney Spears episode. (Conveniently right after X Factor too) I really liked this episode MUCH more than the other gLee Britney episode. All of the ways that they changed the original Brit songs and made them new was really why I liked it so much. I kind of didn't really like the way that they made Britney S. Pierce's character...but that's not as important. To me, the music is the most important part of the show, not necessarily the story line. I also want to point out that the new girl, Marly, is my FAVORITE character so far this season. She sings a lot like me. Same range, same tone. And I really cant stand Rachel, so this new girl is quite refreshing. Speaking of David Schwimmer, her story line is really getting boring. But I LOVE that Kate Hudson is in the show now. She makes everything so much more exciting with the whole NY story. But most importantly- WHERE IS MERCEDES????! I like this U'Nique chick, but I miss Mercedes. Is she permenantly gone? Where is Finn? Can we see him singing from the trenches in Iraq please?? And Santana...are they going to write her out of the show entirely? I miss her singing. And Puck looks older than Mr. Shu...which is probably why he isn't a regular anymore. I am going to leave you with a youTube video of my favorite song from last night. The way this song was done was phenomenal. **I do not own the rights to this video.** xoxo gleamogirljoelle

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