Saturday, March 7, 2015


I usually like to keep my 9-5 job private from my YouTube/blogging job. I want to let everyone know a little bit of information about my life outside of cyberspace...

I have worked for the same company for 4 years. I kind of fell into this career out of desperation, but I am very thankful for it. Since starting in 2011, I have gone from one location, to another, and in 2014, I settled into my office that I am currently at. There are programs for continuing education that help with "moving up" in the company. I completed them in record time. I frequently work at other job sites to help out when needed. I am a hard worker (yes, I feel confident in saying that)

For 4 years, I have tried and tired for a specific position. This position is basically in addition to my normal job, and I would be required to help train new employees. Time and time again, I have not been given this position. I have shed tears, been frustrated, and asked myself why I wasn't good enough. 

I was approached early 2015 by the head of the program. They wanted to re-interview me, basically a call back for an audition. Last week, when I was out sick from my allergic reaction, I found out that I got it! I was beyond ecstatic! I got an email with my flight plans and itinerary for travelling to Houston, Texas, where the corporate office is. I am so happy about this trip in April!

I also wanted to mention, without mentioning it, that the company I work for, once again made it in the Fortune magazine top 100 companies to work for. (again, if I said how high up we are, you would know where I work...let's just say we are close to the top) The company consistently takes care of its employees with bonuses, benefits, and fun work events.

I have held in my excitement for too long. I worry way to much about how my success hurts the feelings of others who have not had the same success. Enough is enough. I am happy, a hard worker, and I busted my ass to be where I am today.

Though I would love to quit my job and do YouTube and blogging as a full time paid career, financially, it is just not possible at this time. 

Maybe someday...


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