Monday, July 13, 2015

A huge victory leads to a Great Depression

Last night was an amazing historical event. The U.S. Women's national team won the World Cup. The game was incredible and the girls were nothing but superior to how they've played the whole tournament. I was so happy to see them do so well...

But then the final whistle blew, and it was all over. I don't know if it was seeing them cheer with joy and relief and happiness, or if it was all of the tweets and facebook posts that did it. But as soon as it ended, I felt like a part of me died a little. 

Perhaps I am being slightly dramatic, but I can't help but feel like a dark cloud of depression has been hanging over me since 9:00 last night. I can't seem to smile. My head is in a fog, and I can barely focus my eyes on anything. All I want to do is cry. 

Having something to look forward to and to talk about and show pride in has been amazing for the past month. What do I do now? 

I have this weird personality flaw where I will obsess over something and then when to is done or over, I don't know what to do. It's almost like a death that I have to overcome, but with something so minor as sport or a band or a hobby. 

Women's soccer was my way of coping and getting through all of the stuff that was going on with my health that was scary. And now a new chapter is about to begin. 

For now I will have to focus my attention on packing for my upcoming move in a month. I will have to fall in love with bubble wrap and getting rid of things and reorganizing.

Until the summer Olympics 2016...


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