Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I died...Rachel Zoe love.

So I bought season 1 of the Rachel Zoe Project on DVD. I started watching it this morning, and lets just say that it has renewed my love for fashion. I am happily enjoying my day off in my pjs watching this show and dreaming about designers. This will probably lead to a LOT of pinning on pinterest LOL. If you aren't already following me on pinterest, be sure to do so (gleamogirljoelle) When I first started out in college in Fashion Design & Merchandising, I dreamed of being a stylist. I love the idea of having a client with a specific style, and going out and finding the amazing pieces to put together and make a WOW. Rachel Zoe has my dream job. Someday I will try and get closer to my dream, but for now...I will divulge in watching it on TV, reading it in magazines, and window shopping. xoxo gleamogirljoelle

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