Friday, July 12, 2013

I think I have a Glamour Doll Eyes problem....

Recently I have been thinking about about all of the makeup that I have and trying to organize it so that I can finally film my makeup storage and updated collection video.Well, in the process, I pulled out my 2 containers of Glamour Doll Eyes shadows, and started thinking about redoing the whole organization system I have currently.

At the moment, I am OBSESSED with matte eyeshadows. I think this also has to do with the fact the my eye allergies are at an all time high, so glitter and shimmer hurts my eyeballs.

So in this whole process, I wanted to organize by finish. I pulled out ALL of my eyeshadows (and they are not all pictured) and tried to sort them. I literally opened about 100 eyeshadow pots to look at each finish. And after all that, I ended up just piling them in a large mound. Mainly because of frustration.

Bottom line? I need a new system. Before, I had them by color. Then by collection. I think I will continue to do by color, but I need a new way to actually see the colors. Any advice??

Once I figure it all out, I will post an updated photo.


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