Friday, October 31, 2014

stress stinks.

Have you ever had one of those days at work where you have just lost your mind completely? The moments when you look at your computer screen and you just can’t do it anymore. When everything in the office is funny, and you laugh hysterically, even though it probably isn’t that funny to anyone else. You have had way too many tootsie rolls and small boxes of pink nerds, oh, and like 20 diet cokes?

This is the story of my life.

At least it is today.

Sometimes we get stressed out at work to the point where we crack. Or maybe it isn’t stress, but just lack of having a real break. I don’t mean the one hour allotted lunch break we get, thanks to the law; or the two days off a week that we end up running errands or cleaning the house or grocery shopping. I mean a real break. The kind where you sit and do absolutely NOTHING in your own home, while wearing sweatpants, and no makeup, (If you are a guy, then without shaving your face hair off, I guess)

The reality of life is that we are grownups and have responsibilities like bills and taking care of pets and/or children, paying rent on time, making sure there is gas in the car and dinner on the table. So how do we make an escape from it all?

My main escape? Playing sudoku puzzles. I have one in my brand new night stand (I just got this from Ikea a week ago, and put it together myself, thank you very much). I love sitting all over the apartment doing these damn puzzles. And I love using a sharpie pen too. Something about it makes it so much better.

My other escape is makeup. Being a beauty blogger, you probably guessed that much. I love playing with all the different colors. Sometimes I wish that I wasn't working for a corporation with strict guidelines on how I need to look professional (please note that I love the company I work for and I would not quit for anything...unless fame and fortune...j/k) 

I think I need to "shop my collection" more and go back to playing with the products that are wild and bright and bold. Today I chose to wear a bright orange makeup look for Halloween (oh, Happy Halloween everyone). And yesterday I wore bright purple. The day before that? Neon pea green. All thanks to Glamour Doll Eyes. (Love that shit).

The bottom line is that sometimes you need to stop. Take a breath. Stop eating crap. And do what you love. 

I just read a blog post by author Sarah Robinson, which inspired me to write this very blog post. Right this second.

My goal is to try and do more to make myself personally happy. So hold me to it guys! 


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