Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I have my moments.

The other day when I was driving to work, I decided to put the radio on. Sounds like a normal thing people do, right? Wrong. At least not for me. I am a lover of playing my own music that I purchase on iTunes.

While listening to the radio, I discovered a song that I fell in love with instantly. Apparently this song has been out on mainstream radio for a while, and was in the top 5 of the weekend countdown with Ryan Seacrest.

"Habits" by Tove Lo is my new favorite song. I then downloaded Spotify and have been listening to it every chance I get for the past week. Her album is amazing, and even better are the live Spotify sessions track that play randomly.

Though "Habits" is an amazing son, I have found myself loving the song "Moments". See below...

If you are looking for an awesome new soundtrack to your life, check out Tove Lo. Other stand out songs include: "Thousand Miles", "Paradise" and "Over"

Go buy this album now.


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