Friday, January 23, 2015

Blogging Challenge day 16: Dream Job

Oh gosh. This is always a hard topic. Before I get into things, let me start off by talking a little bit about what I do right now...

I will not reveal the name of my company, or tell you what I do for a living. What I will say is that I love the company I work for. I have made great friends, and great money since I started in 2011. I couldn't ask for a better boss. The friends I have made are for life. The company takes care of its employees, which keeps us from not wanting to leave.

That being said, I am not working in the industry that I went to school for or my "dream job". I studied Fashion Design and Merchandising in college. I would also love to be a makeup artist.

The reality is that I work a job that pays well, has fantastic benefits, and takes care of its employees. Sometimes one of the hardest things in the world is to put your dreams on hold for security and stability.

Blogging and filming videos for YouTube is a way for me to indulge in my interests, even though I cannot make it a career right now.

I am thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me, and I am excited for the future.


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