Wednesday, March 28, 2012


On Tuesday, our company had its annual award party/luncheon. Basically a day to go over everything that has happened in the past year. Numbers, stats, and what the future will be like. Whenever this group gets together, it gets crazy! There are awards for most spirited, so we basically scream and make noise for hours. Its awesome. Downside? Waking up sore the next day from clapping and ears ringing. Then there is always the after party :)

This year's theme was "Catch A Wave" aka Hawaii/beach/lifeguards/Gilligan's Island. Our office opted for these crazy bright shirts, picked out be me (naturally). We all looked awesome. I also took it as an opportunity to wear some of my brighter eyeshadow. I wanted to go for a "sunset" look. I used my Sugerpill "Bleeding Hearts" pallet, and GDE "Sterling Glitz" for highlight colors. I also tried out my new Marshmallow shimmer powder from Urban Decay, basically all over me.

I had a blast! I cant wait for the next company event!!!!



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  1. Bahahaa! I love the last picture