Sunday, March 25, 2012

So much fun I had today!

So my bff from back home, Tia, came to visit me for the day. And of course, we went shopping :) I wasn't planning on buying much, but I picked up a few good things.

First stop was Love Culture, and that was a bust. So then we went to XXI aka Forever 21. And I scored a few good things. I tried on a ton of clothes, and hated them all. I grabbed this sweater last minute. And a scarf and 2 belts.

Then we went to the mac store quickly so I could pick up viva glam nicki. The chick at the store was super snobby and mean. If only she knew...

Then we went to Charming Charlie. And again, I wasn't planning on buying anything. I was jokingly trying on all these different sandals. Then I tried on a pair that I fell in love with. So I had to get them.

We ran into Victoria's Secret because they were having 7 for $26 panties. No need to show you which ones I got.

And then we went to lunch at PF Changs. I got chicken fried rice. MMM...And we split lettuce wraps. I could eat those every day!

Lastly, we stopped in Ulta. Again, not planning on buying anything. I only got 3 things, which is good for me LOL. I spotted these colorful fake nails, and had to get them. And I also got some clips to put my hair up so I can style it easier. I bought the Urban Decay Marshmellow shimmer powder just for fun. It looks so pretty on and smells yummy.

I had a really awesome day with Tia! It was exactly what I needed for the "blues" I have been having lately.


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  1. Love what you got at MAC...I think I might order it online