Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lights! Teeth! Action!

Monday night I went to see my favorite recording artist, Lights, in dc at the 9:30 club. The show was incredible. I was blown away by the overall atmosphere and fans. This time, unlike the past 6 (yes, 6) shows I have been to, I stayed by the bar, and avoided battling the uber fans near the front of the stage. I went with my friend Brian. It was his first Lights show. And he loved it. Lives are changed at her shows, and his was for sure!!! I wish I could relive that night over and over.

Tuesday's trip to the dentist was no fun at all. Though the atmosphere and staff were amazing, the results were not. Cavities in 5 different teeth! Ouch! I had to schedule 2 trips to get fillings so my whole mouth isn't numb and I don't bite my tongue on accident. Plus, my teeth grinding issue has resulted in a custom night guard. Good times.

Busy days are coming up in the office, which means less time for posting blogs and videos. But I will try.


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