Tuesday, March 20, 2012

got a secret. can you keep it? (spoiler alert)

It should be no surprise that Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite shows. It has all of my favorite things in one show: teen drama, fashion, and a crazy killer. With this season coming to an end, I have my thoughts and wanted to share my theories of how I think the show is going to go.

****WARNING!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!*****************

Okay so if you are completely clueless, or if you have just started watching, there is this mysterious "A" that sends the 4 main girls creepy text messages and threatens them to do things that they normally wouldn't to destroy their own lives as well as their loved ones. So for the past 3 seasons, we have all been wondering, WHO IS A????????? And it gets so frustrating because each episode they make it seem like it is a different person. Well last night, they revealed who "A" is...

Mona is definitely one of the people that I had thought could've been A. Afterall, she was one of Allison's victims of bullying. She also had an in with the girls being Hannah's best friend and all. She just doesn't seem smart enough or even strong enough to pull off killing Ian and some of the other awful things that happened. She also mentioned "Team A" so there is a chance that A is more than one person. Which leads me to my first theory...

1. Team A consists of: Mona, Jenna, Lucas, and Dr. Sullivan.
It makes sense that they would all team up and go after the girls considering they were all bullied by Allison. Lucas did most of the physical labor. Dr. Sullivan is the adult of the group. Mona is able to know the girls on a personal level. Jenna is the mastermind behind it all.

2. Team A consists of: Melissa, Garrett, Jenna, Ian. This would make the most sense because they were all seen on the video that is on Spencer's laptop. (I hate that damn laptop. It always shows up every episode with something different on it)

3. Team A consists of: Allison herself, and Mona. Afterall, we never did see Ally's body after she was found dead. And it could've been a stand in that she herself killed.

4. A could also be Ally's long lost brunette twin sister?

5. Where is Jason?!?!? He is suddenly not around anymore?

6. I always suspected Spencer as being the real A. I imagine her being schizophrenic and not remembering what she does and her dad covers up with her by paying people off and lying to her. What ever happened to the field hockey stick theory?

7. WTF is up with Toby? He is so mopey and is always cleaning up at Allison's house. I thought Jason fired him?

8. Is Melissa really pregnant? What if it is a fake belly and she is fooling all of us?

9. Okay and creepy boy at the doll store...can we PLEASE find more out about that?!? That night I had some messed up dreams. Creepy kids=nightmares.

10. How can they possibly continue the show if we know who A is? They cant. Which means Mona is just one of the master plan.

I am pretty much waiting in HUGE anticipation for this summer when the season starts again. I am addicted. I love that my mom watches it too. Oh, and my favorite character is Aria. I also like Hannah because of her fashion sense. HATE Spencer. And Emily is boring and forgettable. My favorite guy on the show is Caleb. All of the other guys look the same, and he adds diversity. I wish Mr. Fitz would just GO AWAY! Aria can do better. I don't see why she is so in love with the guy. Oh well. Whatever.

So if you don't watch it already, start from the beginning. You will LOVE it, and become hooked fast. Pretty Little Liars in on ABC Family Monday nights at 9:00PM.

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